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We are small-balance Commercial Mortgage Brokers offering financing from $100,000 to $2,000,000 on commercial real estate including multifamily, mixed-use, office, retail, daycare center, light industrial, self-storage, restaurant, bar, and warehouse property types. 


Jumbo Loan


A Jumbo Loan may be the right loan option when buying a house with a high sale price or refinancing a property with a high appraised value.  A mortgage is classified as a Jumbo loan, or Non-conforming loan, when it exceeds the maximum conventional loan (conforming) limits. Currently this limit is $548,250 for single family properties, as set by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Jumbo loans can be used for financing Primary Residences, Second Homes, Vacation Homes and Investment Properties.  While they typically have more income and asset documentation requirements than conforming loan programs, the Jumbo option also allows flexibility for borrowers to select:

  • The term (length) of the loan

  • Whether the loan will be a fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage


If you’re ready to start your jumbo financing today, let us help you take the next step in the mortgage process.

Mortgage Products:

Conventional Mortgage

FHA Mortgage

USDA-RD Mortgage

VA Mortgage

Jumbo Mortgage

2nd Homes &&
Investment Properties

Renovation Mortgages

First-Time Home Buyers

Commercial Real Estate Mortgage

Some Of Our Programs Inlcude:

  • Purchase or Refinance Rates Starting at 3.875%

  • Closing as Fast as 21 days

  • Commercial Loans from $100,000 – $2,000,000

  • Credit scores as low at 620

  • Refinance your Commercial Mortgage for up to 80% LTV (Loan to Value)

  • Fast and simple application with minimal documentation needed


  • Commercial Multi-Family 5+ Units, Day Care Center, Warehouse, Light Industrial, Retail, Shopping Center, Auto Service Center, Mobile Home Parks, Laundromats and more

  • Financing for up to 100% of the Rehab or Construction cost + 80% of the Value

  • Down Payments as low as 3.5% of the purchase price

  • 1st Liens, with the assets located in the United States

  • Foreign investors OK

  • Close under an Entity Name or your Personal name

Fund your next Investment Property project with Denmark's Commercial Lender Programs: