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 01  How much will it cost to prepare my tax returns?

Our fees are very competitive in relation to the expertise you will receive. Fees are typically priced dependent upon the tax savings you receive and the amount of forms that you are required to file.


 02  How do you accommodate clients who are out of state?

Thanks to technology, we’re able to communicate with our clients via email, phone, cloud computing, etc.



 03  Are you an Accounting Firm?

No, we are Enrolled Agents and Certified Tax Preparers who are very knowledgeable in the Tax field.



 04  Is your tax firm only open during Tax Season?

No, we are open year round. We are here for our clients even after the tax deadlines. We​ also provide additional services such as Bookkeeping, Business Consulting and Set-up, etc.

 05  Are you a mortgage lender?

We are a full service commercial mortgage broker firm, offering residential investor and commerical financing.​

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